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Water Heaters

Reliable hot water is an unsung hero in ensuring comfort, hygiene and convenience in our everyday routines. With both tank and tankless options available, Razor has a hot water solution for every home. Ready to get started?

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Time for a new hot water heater?

  1. Signal icon Give us a call

    We’ll do a quick call about what you want done, go over your options, and schedule a time to meet on-site. You’ll get a text or email with the date and time of our appointment, which you can respond to with any appointment modifications or questions prior to our arrival.

  2. House icon The day of your consultation

    You’ll get a text approximately 15 mins prior, to let you know we are on our way! Once on-site we will look around the house to assess what we need to do to complete the project so we are prepared to complete the job efficiently. We will review options again to determine what is best for your optimal comfort and answer any questions you have. You will receive a quote via email, which you can approve or decline online at your convenience. We encourage you to reach out via call, text or email with any questions or approvals.

  3. Checkmark icon Approve your quote

    Once approved, we will contact you to schedule the installation, and you will receive a text and email to confirm the time/date of the appointment. Don’t worry—we will coordinate all equipment and subtrades for the work to be completed.

  4. Bell icon It's installation day

    You will get a text notification of which tech to expect when we are on our way. When they arrive, our technician will introduce themselves, and get to work. If you’d like, you can go through the job with the tech or leave them to do the work. If we have any questions or concerns will will find you. Once the job is complete, the tech will go through the job and explain the operation of the new system as well as any maintenance requirements.

  5. Card icon The finishing touches

    We will register your products for you to ensure any extended warranties are qualified for, and apply for the permits and inspections as required. Your invoice will be sent, payment can be made by cash, cheque or e-transfer (ask us about the 4% discount on MOST retrofit jobs for those methods of payment), credit card or financing.

  6. Smile icon Enjoy hot water wherever you need it!

    Hot shower. Clean dishes. No worries.

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