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Garage Heaters

Cold garages suck right? Installing a garage heater allows the space to become so much more versatile. Keep your car warm, store whatever you want without worrying about it getting damaged by the changing temperatures and work or hang out in comfort. Ready to get started?

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Exterior of home with a double garage

Are you ready to level up your garage?

Installing a garage heater is a lot less intensive than replacing your furnace or A/C. Reach out to us for a free, no-obligation estimate on a new installation or replacement and on-site diagnostics and repair pricing on systems that are not working. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

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  1. Bell icon Day of installation

    Be sure to have the installation area clear of any belongings or debris. You will get a text notification of which tech to expect when we are on our way. When they arrive, our technician will introduce themselves, and get to work. You can join them or leave them to do the work. If they have any questions or concerns they will find you. Once the job is complete, the tech will explain the operation of the new system as well as any maintenance requirements.

  2. Card icon The final touches

    We will register your products for you to ensure any extended warranties are qualified for, and apply for the permits and inspections as required. Your invoice will be sent, payment can be made by cash, cheque or e-transfer (ask us about the 4% discount on MOST retrofit jobs for those methods of payment), credit card or financing.

  3. Smile icon Enjoy!

    Warm garages are awesome.

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