Fall Furnace Service

Fall Furnace Service 

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Don’t get Caught in the Cold , Book your Fall Furnace Service now!

Annual fall furnace service can reduce the risk of a break down. High efficient heating equipment can cycle a countless amount of times in a single day! Parts in your furnace are subjected to high amounts of heat repeatedly which can cause them to breakdown and wear, leaving you with no heat at the worst possible time! An annual maintenance can effectively reduce this risk by replacing questionable parts before the breakdown happens. Our trained technicians will inspect and test components and replace were necessary, with customer approval. Call 306 384 4200 today to book a fall furnace service today. 

1. Basic Furnace Inspection  – Inspection of all working components with recommended solution. $107.95

2. Basic Furnace Service – Remove and Clean Burners, Check Flame Signal, Adjust Fan Speed, Check all Limits and Safeties, recommend repair and or solution. $145.95

3. Complete Furnace Service – Remove and Clean Burners, Check Flame Signal, Adjust Fan Speed, Check all Limits and Safeties, Clean Blower Wheel, Clean Inducer Wheel, Check Temp Rise,Gas Pressure, and Static Pressure. Recommend repair and or solution. $195.95

We offer preferred pricing, multiple service discounts, and on site pricing for repair.



Choose from two options and start saving today!

Payne PG92SBS48060B – 60,000 – 92 % HIGH EFFICIENT FURNACE – $3995.00 plus Taxes 

Carrier 59SC2C060S-14 – 60,000 – 92% HIGH EFFICIENT FURNACE – $4195.00 plus Taxes 

Install Includes Basic Set up, Programmable Thermostat,Chimney Upgrade,Basic Filter Rack, 16 x 25 x 1 Filter,Electrical, Permits, Installation,Removal  and Recycling. – 60,000 – 92% HIGH EFFICIENT FURNACE – $3995.00 Plus Taxes 

Include a Bradford White 40 Gallon Water Heater and you will be automatically entered into our Water Heater Wednesdays Draw for a $100.00 Gift Certificate of your Choice!



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How do you detect a leak? Follow your senses!

Use your NOSE
Sask Energy adds an odor to natural gas so you will quickly know if there’s a problem. If you smell an odour that is similar to skunk or rotten eggs, there may be a natural gas leak.

Use your EYES
You cannot see natural gas, however if you SEE a vapor, ground frosting, or a significant area of brown vegetation, that could be an indication of a natural gas leak. As well, if you SEE continuous bubbling of wet or flooded areas, or dust blowing from a hole in the ground during drier conditions, there may be a natural gas leak.

Use your EARS
If you HEAR a high-pitched hissing or roaring noise, there may be a natural gas leak.

  • Call Sask Energy’s 24-hour emergency line from a safe place
    1-888-7000-GAS (427)

If you think you may have a gas leak, if you are smelling rotten eggs? Feel safe and comfortable knowing that you are protected.

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