Supplier Partners

Razor is proud to carry some of the best HVAC brands available.

Let Razor Heating & A/C supplier partners help you with your next project. Whether you are building a residential, commercial, recreational, or storage facility, let us help you design the space to the standard that you wish to enjoy. We have done a variety of projects for our customers and therefore have access to a wide variety of brands to suit their needs. We have chosen the top name brands in the industry for reasons of  quality, versatility, and support. Which is why we recommend them to our customers. The relationship, strength, and partnership that fosters with this consistency is transferred to our customer in a “job well done!” Whether we are building a relationship with a supplier, customer or preforming a warranty service call, we aim to please!  We have listed the preferred products that we work with below. 

Feel free to click on the logos for more information or simply call us at Razor Heating & A/C for further information on the companies listed below. We offer no-charge estimates, and would be happy to work with your project to provide a solution for your everyday comfort needs. Call us today (306) 384-4200!