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Saskatoon Air Conditioning Sales and Service

Our team of experts don’t want you sweating your home cooling problems. Here in Saskatoon we know you can technically live without an air conditioner, but wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy your home all year round?

We are a certified Carrier and Payne dealer and if you are in the market for a new A/C, call us and we will provide you with a quote on a system that fits your needs.

All About Air Conditioners

An Air Conditioning unit is connected with two copper lines, the copper lines transfer heat via refrigerant to and from the evaporator coil with the condenser fan blowing off the heat to the outside.

Common Terms 

  • SEER 13: SEER (seasonal energy-efficiency ratio) is how efficient the unit will be on electricity for the amount of heat it will dissipate. The higher the SEER rating, the better the system efficiency and the lower your electric bills will be. By law, the minimum SEER is 13.
  • R410A refrigerant: Environmentally friendly refrigerant, Scroll compressors are quieter and energy efficient.
  • Low decibel rating: The higher the SEER Rating, the quieter the unit will be.  
  • Access port: Allows the technician to service the unit easily as well as quickly.
  • Two-stage compressor: Higher efficiency units for climates that will  have larger cooling requirement.
Maintaining existing equipment

Today’s cooling equipment has been designed to maximize comfort and efficiency. However, regular service is recommended to ensure the longevity of your home comfort system

Air Conditioning Service:

  • Diagnostic Service and Quoted Repairs. 
  • Coil and Condenser Cleaning. 
  • Repair your cooling system to improve efficiency.
  • No Charge Estimates and Quality Installations

Inquire about our selection of WiFi-capable thermostats. These can be controlled by most Android phones and iPhones.