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Did you know Razor Heating can help you get the BEST outdoor living space? 

-Did you know that Razor Heating can install a natural gas fireplace for you?

-Are you planning a new build? We have the depth for that as well!

-If you don’t see it here, just call us and we can assist you with your project

306 384 4200 or contact us at jeff@razorheating.com

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outdoor-fireplacesAt Razor Hating & A/c we are committed to integrity, value, service  and customer satisfaction. If you are happy tell everybody. If you are not, tell us! We value our relationship building process with our customers and would like to continue the process through varied services and products.





Purchase a 40 Gallon B-Vent Water Heater or a 50 Gallon Power Vent Water Heater and you are automatically entered to Win $100.00 off your purchase. We will be drawing 1 every 16 entries with this promotion, so you have a terrific chance to win $100.00 off of your purchase.

Booking residential units only. Not to be combined with any other offer. Removal and replacement only of like units apply.

Call Razor today to book your water heater replacement at 306 384 4200.

Water Heaters
  • Upgrade to a higher efficient or tankless water heater
  • Maintain your water heater
  • Repair you water heater to improve efficiencies

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  • Install a boiler to run in-floor heating in your home and garage
  • Maintain your boiler
  • Repair your boiler to improve efficiencies

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Gas Fitting:
  • Upgrade or install a natural gas lines for:
  • Fireplace
  • BBQ
  • Gas range or Cook-top
  • Dryer
  • Other natural gas appliances

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Plumbing Services: